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I figured since it will take 1 day for them to get back to me that I will spend my time wisely warning others about getting a greendot prepaid card. I thought it would be a good idea to get a greendot card to save on bank fees and other headaches but with a company like greendot which is 99% online and with no real brick and mortor locations your forced to talk to people from other countries who aside from being reassuring with many ‘im sorry sirs’ and ‘i understand sirs’ do absolutely nothing. I can get more information online than I can from the customer service team at green dot. Let me explain my story. | Green dot in all respects should just end their phone customer support. The benefits of paying nice people from other countries is killing the customer service experience for me and many others. I want results and not excuses. I could not even speak to someone that could do anything no managers or supervisors. What company does not let you speak to a supervisor or manager? | My day started off innocently enough. As usually i typed in clicked login typed in my username and password and viola’ it asked for verification cell phone number. Hmm wondering how many phone numbers they spam other than mine. Anyways I had to verifiy my account with a 6 digit code. Fine. Entered my number. 30 minute go by nothing, 1 hour goes by nothing, 3 hours go by and I decide to call the customer service team. I talk to a women name Amy. She had thick accent and I knew that she was not going to be able to help me when she put me on hold for the 5th time. She said I had to wait more than the time that I had been waiting. I knew this was of course a fabrication so she could hang up with me and I could call back and talk to another rep. So I thanked her and proceeded to wait an additional hour. | Nothing called back customer support and talk to a new women Grace. She was able to verify my cell phone number and said that she would open a report and have someone call me on my cell phone in 1 business day. This was the same number that I was not receiving any text messages on, needless to say nothing was done. I asked for a supervisor/manager and she said there are not any. | Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. | Now I am in 1 day of limbo waiting for someone to call me back who are also just going to tell me to go to their website and complete all the steps and the cycle continues all over. Its one vicious customer service loop. | Green dot customer service is absolutely abissmal they should look into closing down their customer service and quit with the reindeer games of looping customers through their system with no ability to talk to a supervisor/manager to get something done.

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