Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co Review

Have a medical policy that covers payouts for hospital stays. I have been paying $25.50 oer month for 3.5 years. | I recently had a brief hospital stay and asked them what to do to submit a claim. I got the right hospital bill that they reqired- Faxed it along with policy number, name etc. They asked for 48 hours to check if the claim was receive. It’s been 96 hours. I have a receipt showing that the fax was received. The claim the never got it. I asked if the coul check their fax log. They said that didn”t matter. Sent it again today and called and they evidently don’t work on Friday afternoon. | I think this company has very poor service. An insurance conpany is only as good as their claims service and this one is very questionable. I am considering dropping this company if they don’t take care of this next week.

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