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I hired Anthony M. Laird to complete a remodel on my bathroom and kitchen. I met him through a woman by the name of Candace Burns who I rode horses with and believed to be my friend. She is in a relationship with Anthony and offered his services as a much cheaper alternative to using a big box store like Home Depot, Lowes or Ikea. | I paid Mr. Laird up front $3,400 for labor on 6/19/2015 and reimbursed him on 6/5/2015 for $3,116 in materials that he claimed to have orderd on 6/4/2015 from Bargain Outlets, for which he gave me an itemized reciept. I also gave him $250 for a stove which I never received. He also stole my house key and car key (they were on the same ring and meant to stay in a hiding spot for him to use to enter my property when I was not home– never for him to keep on his person). | I have reciepts, a contract and a scope of work all signed by Mr. Laird. The contract says the work was to be completed on 6/25/2015. | That deadline passed, and Mr. Laird blaimed Bargain Outlets, saying they messed up my order. I called them myself a few times over the course of this and the representatives would say that “they didn’t know how to look up orders” or that I would need to call back when a manager was there. They seemed very unorganized and incompetent, which led me to believe that Mr. Laird was right– they were messing up my order. | Towards the end of July, I asked Mr. Laird if I could go to the store with him to meet with a manager and discuss my order. Mr. Laird said he would escalate the issue himself and called me later, telling me they offered to give me 10% off of my final order and I would get the refund check as soon as my order was complete. | Fast forward to Friday, 8/7/2015 and Mr. Laird said he was picking up the remainder of my order (Two 36″ base cabinets, 1 8′ slab of countertop and 4 pairs of countertop end caps) and my refund check and would deliver them that night. I never heard from Anthony that night and have not heard from him since. I know he is purposely avoiding me because he is working on my friend Dina’s fence (I referred him to her when he started on my work and I was happy with him) and has been communicating with her this whole time. | I emailed, texted and called Mr. Laird several times over the course of that weekend and never heard from him. I sent him the below email on Wednesday, 8/12/2015 at 8PM and never heard from him:

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