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I bought a new Nissan Frontier from Hanlees’ Nissan in Davis, CA in 2010. In 2015 the battery would not hold charge. I brought it to a dealer who charged me for a “diagnostic” and proclaimed that the battery needed replacement. Total charge $221.47. I could have bought a new battery elsewhere for much less, but so it goes. Fast forward to November, 2017. The battery was again failing. The engine turned over fine, but the ignition never caught. I removed the battery and charged it on my bench overnight at 2 amps ( a standard slow charge). The next day I tested the cells with a specific gravity tester and found three cells wouldnot hold a full charge. Bad battery. OK. I checked the writing on the battery and saw “Free replacement 24 month warranty”. The battery had a 12/15 sticker on it, and I still had the receipt. I was still covered! So I called Hanlees and explained the situation. The service manager said my truck would require a diagnostic of the alternator/starter. I said, nevermind, I checked the battery itself. The cells are not charging. It is clearly worn out and needs replacement. I did not want to pay $150.00 for a useless “diagnostic”. It is without doubt a bad battery, why not just replace it” as the warranty says in plain English. The service rep said there would be a $47.00 charge for the battery replacement. I almost lost it. $47.00 for a five minute old-out-new-in battery switch that I am sure could be accomplished by a trained chimp. I told him I would complain to the California Bureau of Auto Repair. He said “fine.” Next I phoned Nissan USA the cororate arm of Nissan in this country. I was referred from their Web site to their Consumer Affairs Team at 800 647-7261 option 7. The Nissan rep at that number gave me the same speel — I could not exercise the warranty without the dealer’s “diagnostic” ($150).She did not know if there would also be a n additional $47.00 installation fee. Probably. | Later I got a call back from the Nissan rep who informed me that my truck was under recall for an airbag software update, no charge. To do that, they better check the electrical system, no charge. Then we’ll see about the battery replacement. If they don’t hand over a replacement, then I’ll head on the the Cal Bureau of Automotive Repair for a complaint. | It looks like the scam works this way: Sell a cheapo battery. If it fails within warranty, charge people for a diagnostic and replacement that costs double the price of a new battery. How can they ever lose? | I highly recommend Nissan owners find a reputable mechanic in their town. In Sacramento, we go to . The owner, Craig S, is honorable. I cannot say the same for Nissan USA or Hanlees.

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