Haven Review

Whilst at haven holiday park on sat 30th October, I was in the live lounge waiting for the show to start and to get a better view I picked my chair up to move it and whilst doing this the main lights went out and I then tripped over a dark stool which u cant see causing me to drop the chair on my foot.after sitting down to check my foot as the pain was excurating only to discover my foot covered in blood, my mum seeing all the blood ran to get a member of staff, he tended to my foot twice as the blood came through the 1st lot.I filled the accident book in.I reported the accident again at reception to which the entertainments manager Rebecca Lambert rang me to see what had happened.it was my sons birthday on the 30th which was spoilt due to me not being able to do anything, I spent the last few days using a wheelchair as I was unable to walk due to the pain and the banadges.when I came home on the Tuesday I managed to go to my doctors to check it wasn’t broken it wasn’t but nerve damage, I still suffer now with pain and cant wear shoes for long.I lost a bit of my nail.I want the stools removed as they are dangerous, better floor lighting so you can see where your going and some compensation for my injury and the fact my sons birthday was ruined.the fact that haven never even followed my injury upset me.

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