Healthcare Services Group, Inc.

Healthcare Services Group, Inc. Review

I have been with this company Health Care Services Group For 6 years, they are deceitful they lie they dont protect their employees, here in arkansas most all of the buildings the company is in have been bought out kicking out the contract , they are not fair to their employees they cut their hours , they take away holida, vacation, raises when they take over a building they have a great cleaning structure, but thats about all. i have worked in 5 different buildings, once i had toi work in a building that had a scabies outbreak then my DM wanted me to run a housekeeper short all we to make up for the hours aI spent in that building, i told my administrator he call the higher ups in the company told trhem and guess what they knew nothing about it, i have went from salary to hourly to salary back to hourly and i am curreently in a building as an account manager under a contract that says hpourly they are paying me salary pay recently the law they said was passed so they sent us apaper stating our pay was cutbut if we wanted our reg salary dollar amount we had to work 10 hours every 2 weeks to get that and we had to start clocking in and out then i guess they got scared so they told us we were still getting our salary. but we are still having to clock in and out. | and recently again min wage has went up so for me this is the 3rd time my budgetd hours has been cut due to min wage going up, what I want to knbow is how can they get awasy with this they advertise they are a two billion dollar company so why cant they do it right and be a good legit company, its becaus all who are in corporate are corrupt and crooked, someone has to stop them I am in arkansas and more than willing to joint or start a class action suit against them …But How.

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