Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.

Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. Review

I called today to inquire about cancelling my service with Heartland Payment Systems. The Customer Service representative verified me and put the request to cancel my account .. She then tells me that there is a 300$ early cancellation fee since I’m still in a contract for another 3 weeks. I then request her to stop the cancellation request and she says she can’t do it since she already sent it. WOW!!! | So I had three weeks till the end of my contract and I wouldn’t have been charged the 300$ fee. I then called back to speak to a different agent and plead to stop the request.. He said he would send an email and get back to me. | He got back to me and told me I was in violation of my contract because I have another processor.. lol.. I couldn’t believe it.. I then let them know they are going to be losing another much larger account based on their shady business practices.. | Heartland Payment Systems has gone down hill.. I have been a customer for 19 out of the past 25 years and will never be going back.. I am also cancelling my other accounts with them.

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