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Helping America Group and 321 Loans,were suppose to eliminate my debit by offering my creditor a lower offfer and the creditor had a certain time to responded. Helping America group had over $6,000 from 321 loan in which I was paying them back for Helping America Group to take care of my credit problem. Instead I was doing the work myself. I was informed this month of October 2016, by one of my creditor that they contacted Helping America Group nd they informed them that they where no longer working on my case. I have not seen anything or heard that they return the money, so they should have informed me they had withdrew from my case and return the money back to 321 Loan for a credit by letter or a phone call, to me they broke our contract, before they even started on my account, I called and ask why was they not paying off the bills and that the creditor was still writing and calling me, I was sending them letter when a creditor would write me, I would forward the email right then to them. I’m disable and don’t have money to give to people who want to rip off people who are just trying to survive, before my accident I was paying my bills, but after that I fell on hard time. I trusted Helping America Group to do right by me and not use me but they did, and they did not do anything for me, but cause unnessecary hardache and more, pain, they are just scam artisit, taking advangate of the America people, regardless of your race, handicap or what ever. I hope they loose their liscense and can no long pratice in the state of Florida to take advangate of anyone anymore.

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