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HMS Plumbing Heating & A C Review

I don’t know if this is a ripoff, but it is a bad “business practice” in general, and an easy way to steal 100$ from people asking for help from my local plumber, I know I’ll never use them again or recommend to friends or family. | We had our hot-waterline bust in our house foundation, it leaked everywhere, flooding the bathroom and the carpet in the bedroom, we called local “HMS plumbing” in Newcastle Okla, they came out on 12-7-16 & charged me 100$ for telling me (what I already knew) yes! your line is leaking, so he handed me an official quote (Proposal) of what it would cost me if HMS plumbing does the repair & then he drove away, after consulting with my wife we agreed we need it fixed, | we called them the next day to put us on waiting list, time passes, 2-weeks later we called again, they said oh! we don’t have you on the waiting list, so we said again put us on the list, now weeks have past & still no word from them at all, we call on 1/4/17 & they tell us there too busy with commercial work to bother with residential work at that time, however they are currently working on another house down my block, who is on the city council here in Newcastle. (humm) | 1. they gave me a quote in writing to fix my line and we agreed on that quote, now HMS plumbing has backed out. this Proposal is only good for 30days “ends in 1/7/17” (this business is not delivering on it’s business-promise with there quote to me) if the tables were turned and they had done the job, but I didn’t pay their Proposal cost? twice thier paperwork says “we reserve the right to put a Lien on your Property” | 2. if they where not going to work on our line, then why allow this to go on for over a month & not call or leave a message. we where still thinking we were on their list up until 1/4/17. so we didn’t call any other plumbing company. | so I’m out 100 bucks, over a Month with no hot water, still have a broken hot-waterline. we are wanting to remodel the bathrooms but first we need the hot-water to work. | (how this played out for me & my wife) 5/2/17. | I got my Bathrooms Remodeled months later, the company I went with charged me an additional 150$ for fixing my waterline, it was the worst case senario, “in the foundation” but 3 hours of work later I got my hotwater back. yea! I would’ve lost an additional 2,800$ if “HMS plumbing did the waterline break” so actually their lazyness and lack of work ethic is really my gain. and there fix was to run a new line from the hotwater tank to the farthest bathroom “up in the rafters” (not the fix I was expecting or wanting) | it’s unfortunate that because of HMS plumbing, I couln’t take a shower for over 5 months while waiting on the bath remodelers to actually do “HMS plumbing’s work refusal” & only for 150 bucks,

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