Hobaica Appraisal Service

Hobaica Appraisal Service Review

Greg Hobaica came to the property and was high on marijuana. The property manager took him throughout the property and showed him everything and discussed the property at great length. Everything was explained in detail regarding the history, current operations and ongoing improvement of the property. Greg was hired specifically to provide a very thorough appraisal of the property in comparison to similar properties in the marketplace. The appraisal that was received by the bank was disgraceful and was less than 50% of the current mortgage value on the property. The report did not show proper records of the property, its past ownership or how the valuation was derived. There were no similar properties in comparison and the comps were not even in the similar ballpark of per square foot cost to build. Most importantly, Greg did not return the $1,500.00 fee he took for delivering a worthless and fraudulent report. He is a thief and is using his license as an appraiser to take money without regard to being professional and responsible. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CROOK!!!

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