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Highly pressured into buying their product. They will call their service something else other than ‘timeshare’ so that they can disassociate themselves with the bad reputation of timeshare companies. Not even allowed to use the smartphone to check online before it was purchased. Pressured into buying saying that it’s a one time deal and only valid only today and that we couldn’t go home and think about it. They only allowed to use one of their PCs for less than a minute while being continuously interrupted by the salesperson. They promise savings on hotels. They will give examples of them going on holidays with their family using this product and so on. These are not good offers. You can google and get better savings than what they offer. There will be higher savings only if you are going to one of their resorts. This was NOT clear at the time of signing up. Do not fall for it like we did. It’s SO stressful. It WILL ruin your holiday and a lot of days afterwards. I wish I could go back and not have signed up for this scam! I wish I had thought clearly and identified this was a scam earlier.

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  1. Joleen Sessoms
    June 16, 2020

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