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We bought our Platinium Collection home in 02/2007… we could go on forever about what has gone wrong since… here are some of the highlights. The home was incomplete on day of closing (try moving in around painters, tile people, cleaning lady etc.) Our original punch list never completed it was carried over to the 60 day which is still incomplete 1 year 3 months later. We have had problems that include drainage issues (there is a mosquito infested swamp in our backyard) dead sod laid on property (builders response to complaint “Its been a bad year for sod”) Shower leaked in wall and into bedroom due to fixture not being anchored correctly. Home not built to electrical code. Energy Star means squat our doors leak and you can see daylight around them… Garage leaks by doors, paint is peeling, trim/baseboards are crumbling/coming apart…

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  1. Shawanna Folan
    June 17, 2020

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