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Hometown Animal Hospital Review

I am extremely disappointed at this place. Last friday 8/26/2016, i took my beautiful 14 year old boxer to hometown animal hospital /all pets dental and as far as i can recall, is that he was in better shape before going to see them compared to when he was given back to me the same day. He came back home under a lot of stress, and stopped eating completely, and had an unstoppable diarrhea, which he didn’t have before. Multiple (13) x-rays were taken and even an echocardiogram was done with no definite diagnosis. I just saw my dog going downhill quickly and by sunday 8/28/2016, i called this place again informing them that my dog couldn’t suffer anymore and i wanted someone to reach out to me. | After three hours anxiously waiting, i decided to take my dog to another clinic, banfield animal hospital. I left a message informing them that i was going to take care of my dog by taking him to be put to sleep. By monday at 11:27am, i received an email from hometown animal hospital/ all pets dental informing me that the echocardiogram results were ready, in which i replied to that email saying “please stop any communication with me since my dog was no longer with us anymore”. By 12:00pm monday, dr. Zapata called me to discuss the echocardiogram results of my dog. Helloooo ???? Does anyone communicate in that office? Obviously, no one told the dr. And she thought he was still alive. | The point i would like to get across here is the more than obvious lack of communication in that office between the staff and to another level unacceptable. The doctor had no idea what had happened after responding to them not only via-phone on sunday but also thru email early monday morning. In conclusion, i do not recommend hometown animal hospital they clearly were not there for me and my dog when we needed them the most. There is absolutely no loving care whatsoever. They appeared and act like a full 100 % money oriented business and lack of professionalism. Seriously ! Thank god for and dr. James in pembroke pines where i finally took my baby to rest in peace on sunday 8/28/2016 where it was so painful but yet so calming. They had never seen him before and yet they treatment my dog and family with extrodinary compassion and professionalism which made us feel at ease during this painful process. I am more than greatful that at the end i found the best place to let my baby rest. | Hope this message servers for future dog owners who are in a similar situation. | Rest in peace sanson you will be loved and remembered forever. Rip | 6/15/2002-8/28/2016

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