Honey-Wagon Septic Pumping

Honey-Wagon Septic Pumping Review

Honey Waggon put a Pump in for me last year . The pump went out 2 weeks ago and did some burn dammage I have pictures of. Come to find out he does not have licens to put septic pumps in only to pump tanks and he is not even good at that he left my tank half way full of scum saying Tank would float out the ground . | I am sure it would but you did not even take the solids out of the tank and fill it half way back with fresh water. I have talked to some my friends he has put pumps in for, And we are filing a complant with the Healt Dept and also with the Attorney general. | I have talked to my Attorney he has put me in contact with Arkansas Electrict Inspector, and we will be filing sute aganist him and his so called Honey Wagon Business he has mislead a lot people in cabot area for years putting pumps in with no Licens to replace pumps if he has done you this way or put a pump in for you have it checked A S A P and make a stand with us people that paid him good honest money and got a con job from him DONT NOT USE THE CON MAN FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!!..

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