Hubzu Review

This website and the company is working with the banks regarding the foreclosure properties. My complaint is that they generate auctions which are convenient to the seller (in this case to the bank). We were bidding on the auction the 4th time; first time we were the highest bidder, however the reserve was not met, so they put up the property for auction again. Second time the same thing happened again, third time the auction stoped becasue hubzu had some difficulties with the syste. So 4th time, we were again the highest bidder however right before the auction was over (and I am taking some time as one day was left) they just canceled the auction. The customer service agent who I spoke with said that the seller can pull out of auction any time, and they did this because no one else was bidding and the biggest issue we were not notified that the auction got canceled. And since I called and asked what happened, how come we did not get a notification that the auction got canceled (since we had signed up for notifications by email we were sure that we will be notified if there were some changes such as higher bidder and etc.), but while talking to the agent we received the email that is got canceled. I beleive that hubzu is working with the banks in this case and not being honest as to how things are happening on their end.

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