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Hello I purchased a 2011 Ford Ranger from Hume’s Ford of Corry on September 24th, 2016. I came to this dealership already approved by Capital One Auto Finance ready to make a purchase, I was prepared and had everything required to complete a transaction. I am very unsatisfied with the service that was provided to me for multiple reasons. I feel I was mislead and taken advantage of and that something else is going on here. Please see the list below of complaints. | 1. I came prequalified with a letter from Capital One Auto Finance ready to make a purchase. I said that I only wanted my credit to be ran one time because I was going with Capital one. Instead my credit was ran multiple times. This has effected my credit score and now I have to dispute all these credit inquiries. I spoke with the lenders and they have asked that Hume’s Corry Ford contact them to fix these errors on my 3 credit reports. | 2. I was totally ripped off on my trade in. I was offered $1000.00 when low trade in value was $1875.00. I believe I should of been offered at least $2500.00 as the vehicle was in great condition with all new parts, tires ect and a new PA state inspection. | 3. The vehicle was advertised with a warranty which included that the dealer would cover 50% of parts and 50% of labor ect. The vehicle had the paper on the window of the driver side rear window. I have pictures of this and a print out from the dealers website showing this. When I was in the middle of the purchase I was asked to purchase an extended warranty and I explained that I was not interested. It was pushed on me and then I was told that the warranty that was advertised on the vehicle was not going to be included with the sale so that it would be a very good idea to purchase the extended warranty. At this time the warranty is still on the window of the truck while they are telling me that I will not get the warranty that is being advertised. I feel like I was backed into corner and had no choice. | 4. On October 4th, 2016 I contacted Zurich regarding the extended warranty and GAP insurance that I was coaxed into purchasing at Hume’s of Corry Ford for the 2011 Ford Ranger. I had seen online that there were thousands upon thousands of reviews by people that purchased it saying it was a huge rip off, including thousands on Rip Off I asked Zurich how would I go about cancelling the extended warranty and the GAP insurance. They told me that I would have to go to Hume’s of Corry Ford and fill out some paperwork. I got off the phone with Zurich and immediately drove to the dealership to start the cancellation. I called Zurich multiple times over the course of the next couple weeks and they had not received anything about a cancellation. Zurich told me to call Hume’s of Corry Ford and to give the finance manager the fax number so that she could fax it over immediately. I called Cindy Ramsey and told her what Zurich told me and she said that she would do it soon from home. I do not understand why Cindy Ramsey would do this at home as I purchased the 2011 Ford Ranger at Hume’s if Corry Ford, not her home. Please explain and help me understand that. As more time went on I called Zurich and they had told me that they have not received anything from Hume’s of Corry Ford. Zurich offered to call Cindy Ramsey on three way calling to give her the fax number again and ask her to fax over the cancelation paperwork immediately so that the services provided by Zurich could be cancelled before they became effective. Cindy Ramsey told the REP from Zurich that she would fax it over immediately and the REP from Zurich told me to call Monday to make sure that they received it and that they would be waiting for it. I called Zurich on Tuesday and again they told me that they never got the fax for the cancellation. I was then put in contact with Lindsey Koenig at Zurich and she told me that this was totally ridiculous and asked me to write an email to her letting Zurich know that I wanted to cancel the extended warranty and the GAP insurance. I did just what she said and it was cancelled the very next day. If you need any records Zurich has them all in their files. Capital One Auto Finance has also been investigating this because roughly $2000.00 is owed to them and has tried to call Hume’s of Corry Ford several times contacting you and Cindy Ramsey with no luck. | 5. The radio is broken. I had turned on the radio when I was viewing the 2011 Ford Ranger and I was excited because it was advertised as SiriusXM ready. Everything seemed fine at the dealership. On the ride home the radio kept cutting out and still does to this day. I had called and told Joe Marrs about the issue and it didn’t seem like he wanted to do to much. A few days later I sent an email and did not get a response. I sent another email and still did not get a response. I then sent a facebook message and I can see if it was received and read. It was seen and read and I did not get a response. I cannot use the radio. I cannot use the free 3 month trial because the radio constantly cuts out. It was advertised with SiriusXM radio but the radio does not work properly. | 6. When I purchased the vehicle I told Joe and Cindy that I wanted to keep my vanity license plate. Two weeks later I received a new license plate from PENNDOT and had to argue with them over the phone for 3 days trying to keep my plate. | 7. The truck was advertised accident free by car fax. I am starting to doubt that it was accident free. On the advertisement from Hume’s of Corry Ford online that I printed out it says that there is a new horn. Well I can also see on the driver side headlight an X like a junk yard would mark. Also the front bumper is crooked and the engine compartment of the 2011 Ford ranger is missing all the factory stickers and in some places there is factory matching paint and most of the front end of the Ranger is all primer with no clear coat or factory paint. There is factory paint then primer ect. This is not a factory paint job. The primer is starting to rust because there is no clear coat or factory paint. I believe this truck was in an accident that caused a lot of front end damage. I called a week prior to purchasing and was told this vehicle just sold and it had to be delivered out of town. A week later I was told the deal fell through and it was for sale again. I think it was wrecked and needed time for repairs not listed on car fax. As you can see I have had to deal with a lot of inconveniences since I purchased this 2011 Ford Ranger from Hume’s of Corry Ford.

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