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Travel date: September 7 Dublin to Edmonton In Dublin we had to check in all luggage (including carry ons) because we were given a smaller plane. Going to the plane we noticed our luggage didn’t make it on as the luggage compartment was closed up and our luggage was sitting on the carrier. On inquiring, they (whomever was loading the plane with luggage) said it would be put to the front of the plane (whatever that means). We never saw anything after that. Then the same individual was later talking to one of the flight attendants and I over heard: if no one asks about the luggage then that’s their own fault. I thought this was a weird comment so I asked the flight attendant if some luggage didn’t make it on the flight and was told not to worry. That was a lie. My luggage didn’t make it to Edmonton. I’ve been calling everyday and no one can give me a straight answer. All I get is: we are actively searching. How active? It’s been 10 days and no one knows where my luggage is. This is ridiculous and frustrating. How can you not know where it is? Or where the last known location is? Or if it even made it on the plane? Find my luggage. Give me a straight answer. This is taking too long with no care or concern.

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