I have had several communications with this company starting January 22, 2016 about possible wholesaling of their virgin hair. I was trying to make sure the company was sincere about the hair being 100% UNPROCCESSED as a lot of companies in India deceive customers aboard with non virgin hair that is advertised as so. Finally, on October 22, 2016 I placed my wholesale order for 30 bundles of curly and wavy Indian hair! After a long process from their bank of confirming that the purchase was not fraud my package was discharged! My 1st contact with them was just a few days later on Nov 4th about a brownish color rinsing away from my hair as I co-washed it for a client! They assured me it was dirt as the hair is sun dryed. I couldn’t deny or confirm that so I went with it. Again, I reached out on the 5th, the very nxt day about suggested products to use on the hair as it looked nothing like the pictures and looked even worst then it arrived after being wet. [continued below]….

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