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store manager is clocking him self in and out to go play in pool tourments. sexual conduct, one 16 year old cashier quit because jackie golden your store mgr. does nothing but use explicit lang, sexual mis conducy. i thought none of this was supposed to be allowed. he is tipping off employees when they get a random drug screen. so he gives them time to get there system cleaned out.letting people work off the clock and he knows and still looks the other way. no employee in te store will tell on him because they are affraid of getting fired. now you tell me how you can let things go on n your store. while he is suppose to be working he is playing pool and all the employees know but are afraid to tell. he also left the store after closing and followed michelle jones around the store stalking her.trying to get her to have sex with him.

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  1. Hulda Holshue
    June 14, 2020
  2. Clementine Kaak
    June 14, 2020
  3. Roxie Sibley
    June 14, 2020

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