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Received Instyler, couple weeks later had round cell go flying off while I was curlinh hair. Could not reattach end. Called, had a hard time because I bought it from QVC. finally after several calls and QVC having to call them on my behalf, I received an RA #. Shipped item the exact way I was told. I sent it certified. They received it, Feb 8, 2010. I called Feb12, was told they did not have it. I gave them the tracking number, was told it was not input into computer yet. Takes 24 hours. Told them it had been 5 days since they had it. Was told to wait one more day. Called on Feb 18, was told yes, they see that they received it and service rep said he would input thta info into computer and new instyler would go out that day or the next and I would get a conf # emailed. Fast Forward to March 3, still no email confirmation yet. Called customer service, talked to Jose, whom had NO CLUE what he was doing, surprised if he could tie his own shoe! I was told that they ran out of them! WHAT??????????? I asked for a supervisor and I said, y’all are giving them away this month at buy one get one free and you can’t get one replacement iron out!!! I am now told that I should have one shipped around March 8. We will see if that happens… Also, they pay for your shipping to send the defective item to them in CA. All you have to do is fax them the receipt with your RA # on it and they reimburse you immediately. I have faxed it 5 times now, on 5 different days, each time I call to check on it, they say they don’t have it, or there was 2 comming in on the fax machine at one time and mine is in fax land or the machine somewhere. Really, do they think I am stupid or is their customer service just that stupid!!! YES, you guessed right, , , , , INSTYLER Customer Service Reps are CLUELESS!!! Itold them if two faxes are coming in at the same time, the second one will ring busy and my fax machine has it saved and will keep sending until it is a clear line…DUH…Any way, just got off the phone with dufus, JOSE again and I demanded that he go walk over to the fax machine, get my fax and input it into the computer as the supervisor told me they can do…JOSE was not too happy about that, put me on hold for 20 minutes then came back and said, THE FAX DEPARTMENT IS AT LUNCH, I should call back on Friday…WHAT? It is Wednesday, They take lunch from Wed to Friday???????????????? WHO ARE THESE REPS AND WHAT BODY OF WATER DID THEY FLOAT IN FROM???????????????????????? TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE…One month, still no replacement, no refund and no idea when and if I will get either!!! You better belive I will get my replacement but what a hassell i have to go through. I will let QVC know that Instyler is a terrible company to deal with and QVC will drop them if they get complaints. So send y’alls complaints about Instylerto QVC also! Thats, Debbie in Naples, Florida

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