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Intellihealth LLC Review

I am a healthcare manager in Sarasota FL and Longboat Key. It is my job to verify the professionalism of healthcare companies throughout the state, and report those who are bending the law to profit. | I contacted Intellihealth LLC to verify their lease on a building. It was suspicious that a few failed businesses have been present in their location and closed suddenly without warning. Not only was I unable to find anything in writing regarding their lease, but I found out quickly that Intellihealth did not adhere to the proper zoning requirements. | It was no surprise when I performed a background check on Mitchell Greenberg, the man who oversees day to day operations, that his medical license was SUSPENDED. Originailly permitted to practice medicine in the state of Michigan, I found out that he lost his rights to practice as an OBGYN after negligence, and concluded with what seems to be a private settlement with a family. | I strongly advise everyone to stay away from this company, it is either a fraudlent operation, or a front for something far more sinister.

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