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InvestorsHub.Com, Inc. Review

I am shocked at how blatantly IHUB promotes false information about stocks and businesses. They have so-called “moderators” who post false information. BUT if you try to post anything that proves the information is false, the “moderator” will remove your post in seconds flat. For example, I posted multiple items proving that the information posted about a company was false! I included a request for more accurate info. My post and info were all deleted, saying my request for accurate info was “off topic”. I have participated in MANY messge board discussions on other sites and I am shocked at how regimented IHUB is toward promoting false information about the markets, and trying to suppress any corrections to the falsehoods that are posted. They allow NO freedom of discussion. It is truly distressing. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IHUB TO ANYONE. IHUB’S claim is that oh, we cannot verify accuracy of any info posted. Well, of course they can’t verify, but WHY DO THEY STOP PEOPLE FROM POSTING WHO CAN AND DO VERIFY? You will get mostly false info if you read IHUB, stay away!

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