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I hired IP Galaxy Services to complete my Trademark filing for which I needed to file and SOU (Statement of Use) which I am told is a fairly simple procedure. I spoke with Vandana Singh to get things rolling and at that time we agreed upon a price, she then introduced me to Sagar Singh whom was to help with filing the SOU with the USPTO. | After several days Sagar contacted me and asked some brief questions to get things going and told me he would be in touch. Another several days went by and I was contacted to send more funds to IP Galaxy for Governement fees, for which I was a bit surprised because there was no mention of these extra costs that had been brought up prior to getting started. But I had come this far waited this long and just wanted to get this project complete. Before sending the extra money I asked Sagar if he could send me the information/paper work he was going to file so I could take a look at it. I wanted to make certain all was correct. | Once I had asked for the information, Sagar’ atitiude changed and he did not want to talk with me any longer, I let him know that, I was not only surpised by the added costs but that I would not allow the filing unitl I checked over the paper work. Sagar would not allow me to see the forms and continually kept asking for me to send the additional funds. | This is where I began to realize that they were just scamming me for more money. If they had the actual paper work they would have been very stupid not to allow me (the Client) to look it over for accuracy before filing. As of this message I ahve yet to get anyone to anser my email and questions, they have stolen my money…………Stay away from these guys at all costs!!!

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