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I first learned of James Davis about a week before my Social Security disability appeal hearing. This is the way Myler Disability operates. When you sign on with them, you’re assigned to a case manager. You don’t find out who your attorney is going to be until about a week before the hearing. James Davis had called to introduce himself and to let me know that I needed to be at the hearing about an hour or so before so that we could go over my case. This made me a bit uneasy. I’m the type that like to be prepared before I go to any type of event. Waiting until an hour before the hearing to discuss a case just seems to be cutting it close. However, after much research, it seems this is the assembly line method that Myler Disability uses.James Davis told me that due to my health conditions that I have a good case. I have Type 1 diabetes of 20+ years, Stage 4 renal failure (due to diabetes), gout (due to renal failure), CHF with a low EF rate, and so forth. | At the end of the hearing the Social Security representative was unable to tell my attorney what type of job I could do based upon my medical accommodations needed. That was the close of my hearing. It took Louis J. Volz, III two months to make his decision. He sent a nine-page decision that boiled down to the idea that I could do light duty type of work. I had spoken to James Davis on May 29, 2018 about my case. However, he said he was in his office and for me to call back the next day after lunch. I called him around 2PM on May 30, 2018 about my case. James Davis told me that due to Louis J. Volz, III’s decision, he was not going to appeal my case. In other words, after leading me on in saying I have a case, James Davis abandons his client at the slight bit of resistance from Social Security. James Davis said that I could appeal the case myself if I wanted or I could try to seek another attorney. However, he felt that it was not a case he or Myler Disability could win. | I’m completely blown away at the fact that NONE of the facts in my case had changed (i.e. health hadn’t improved) yet James Davis and Myler Disability went from telling me I have a case to completely abandoning my case. I would advise anyone reading this to avoid using James Davis as an attorney, especially if the legal matter involves disability. He will lead the disabled person on and then abandon them and their case at the first sight of resistance from Social Security. Now, I’m without an attorney and racked up over $126 in fees with Myler Disability. These are the fees Myler Disability claims I owe them for copies of medical records and such. In other words, they lead a client on, have the client rack up fees, and then abandon the disabled client leaving the client with nothing but a bill. It’s pathetic that this country has a disability system that forces disabled people to go without any source of income for years and to deny disabled citizens their due pay. It’s even more pathetic when there are weak attorneys like James Davis who will quickly abandon their own client. James Davis’ justification is that according to the judge, based upon a nationwide job search, I could still do work. Wow! So if you’re disabled then you need to find the funds to move all over the U.S. to find a job that can accommodate your medical needs. That just doesn’t sound right to me. Seems to me that not only is James Davis an incompetent and cowardly attorney, he’s also a rather shady character if he actually believes that nonsense.

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