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Purchased a pre owned Rolex watch, i was never told that the parts were “non factory enhancements.” I went to mayors and JR Dunn to trade up and they told me that basically the watch isn”t worth much. I spent $67000.00, basically just for the bracelet, the rest of the watch is bogus. I spoke to Jarad”s and they would not stand behind the sale. They are a rip off. I think i should have been told the information and made my own decision as to whether i wanted to continue with the sale. I thought i was getting a genuine pre-owned Rolex, but i wasn”t. Jarad”s is a rip off. I will find every sight i can to include social media to be sure everyone knows how dirty Jarad”s dealings are. Shame on you Jarad”s for selling a fake Rolex!

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