This website promised answers in little to no wait time. Not only do they not answer my one question, they continued to charge me. Charged me 5 bucks, for a first question and never answered then charged me 29 bucks the next day, then 49 bucks a week or so later. A month later they charged me another 49 bucks. These people are crooks and should be shut down. | / [email& 160;protected] / 18004374188. | I phoned the number above , they gave a refund for charges made by | They said everyone gets 7 days to cancel, after 7 days charges will appear on your Bank statement, cancel you’re subscription, using the number above. | Informed me they are a portal for people to receive answers from professionals, who the charge for their services, these charges are charged by the professional answering you’re question, it is not linked to I was told by the person answering the phone.

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  1. Dallas Mclatchy
    June 17, 2020

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