I had ordered some PM from JMBullion. I set up echeck so that I would not have to worry about mailing or wiring funds. I got an email a few days later which stated “JM Bullion Order Update – ORD ******is Now Paid”. This led to me believe that the order was… well… paid. I never received another email or call. I finally went on to check the status (because they are usually fairly late in shipping out by like 1-2 weeks) and it said cancelled. What? I had planned my purchase to a specific day, and they decided to cancel it. | I then reached out to support to see what happened. and this was their response: | I logged on today to see if it has shipped and saw this. | It looks like you never took the payment from my bank account | But I got a email that said JM Bullion Order Update – ORD ******is Now Paid | So I thought that ****** was… well… Paid | Katherine: We were unable to process the payment. Unfortunately our billing department does not automatically send out an email when the status is moved to cancelled. It is a feature our development team is working to implement. I apologize for the confusion. | Well, that is convenient. Not the best customer service move | I have had “difficulties” in the past, but just plain cancelling an order on a market priced item, with no notification, and then not doing anything in the post-event customer service? I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

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