This is one of the biggest scams in Indian academic scene… people running the center are some one’s son or someone’s in law. There are no rules and no guidelines. Vibodh Parthasarathy, son of the great Parthasarathy family leads by example. He is a double M.A. but no PHD and is a professor here. His father was the first and only Dean of University in independent India to be sacked for corruption and Vibodh Parthasarathy is following the footsteps. Employees here are treated as slaves, Vibodh Parthasarathy, who spends months outside the country on university money will make people cry for their salaries. Many like me are never paid salaries, women who become pregnant or meet with accidents will be made to run around and sign declarations. after changing goal posts for months, he will say come back finish work and take your money. He has goons and contacts and will threaten any one with consequences if anyone tries to talk back. It is his dominion and every one is supposed do as he says, especially women. He is a sick, sadist and underqualified ### hole who represents everything that is wrong with educations system today. All those who have been harassed by Vibodh Parthasarathy and Bisawjit Das raise your voice here. WE HAVE BEEN AFRAID AND HARASSED FOR TOO LONG. WE WILL NEVER GET OUR MONEY BACK BUT WE CAN TELL THE WORLD NOT TO GO THERE. IF THERE IS A HELL ON EARTH, IT IS HERE.

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