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Second Note 12/02/19 Informational Memorandum To: Just Tires/The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. 200 Innovation Way Akron, Ohio 44316-0001 From: Gwendolyn Allen [protected] Chicago, Illinoios [protected] Subject: Service Problems On 01/31/18, I purchased 4 Assurance All-Serason 215/55R17 94H SL tires from Just Tires with 3 yuears aligment program-Auto No Charge Align . My account number [protected] -credit limit $1, 000-$00.00 balance. I have been using Just Tires 3540 W. Tough Ave Skolie, Illk 60076 ID #[protected] for several years for service such as tires, oil chance etc… Every time I went into your company thinking I was getting service the corret way, I come to fine out back November 2019 that they didnt complete my service as requested. I went into Just tires several times for a leak or the tire kept losing air. They would always tell me I had a nail in my tire or I just need air. One time I went for service -align and bulb to be chanced or checked. Everytime I was to get a front align they came up with I need service on something else such as left lower control arm/ball joint be fixed before I could get align on 01/23/19 the control arm ball was fixed. On 10/14/19, I went into have service on a tire again and was told I had nail in tire, which I know was a lie since I had stop at a tires service place that sunday and they told me that air was just need but to go and have the place I purchased the tires to check and see if I need the tire seal or something because if I have been back serval times then it the tire may not be any good. Beside checking tire, I ask if they could check my brake light because I think it out. Just tires tol;d me my brake light was fine and working. The next day while driving a driver came up off expressway and told me my brake light was out. I had to go to Auto Zone and purchase bulbs and go to service place and have it fixed. Something Just tires told me it was fine the day before.The next day I stop in at Just tires and mention this problem and the guy said he didnt know anything about it and I guess not since he wasnt the one on desk when I came in before service. The next time I went in for services, I mention the problem I had about bulb it asppears no one want to take the blame for the mistake or non service. I stated to the young man in front writing up the order for service, I said I hope I get service and not a lie. I went for service on 11/26/19 for alignment and was told that I need lower control arm again for lower control arm part I had service for 02/19 but this time it was for the other side. I feel I need to go some place else and get another opinion since they had lied to me about some work before that I could have got a ticket for brake light. I went to another mechanic for advice and I was told my other on right was worse then the one they want to fix. On 11/27/19, I went to Just Tires on 8640 S. Cicero Ave Burbank, Ill 60459 ID340253240 for my tire again because I feel the tire should be replaced as many time I have been with tire. After the service man looked at tire he stated it need to be replace at no cost to me. All these times I have been to one in Skokie, Ill, all the lies and times wasted. I asked the service amn at Burbank center to look at my control arms and said the same to me as the mechanic had said that the arm need to be done before I could get alignment done. My problem is why am I getting the same service done again that I had done in 02/19 in less than 8 months ago. The mechanic said looks like nothing had been done to either one and the one theuy said they did work on is in worst repair. Had the the service people from Skokie being lying to me and not did what IU paid. I have transferred my service and any work to such as front alignment. I having had this work done yet because I feel I paid for something that wasn”t done. Please give me and answer and help to believe back in your company again. A customer with questi0ons or concerns. Sincerely, Gwendolyn Allen

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    June 17, 2020

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