Keegan Sweeney

Keegan Sweeney Review

I gave Keegan Sweeney a $500 USD deposit for a full day tattoo session. He was to meet me at a tattoo convention in California (I live in the Chicago area), so I flew more than 2,000 miles (each way) for our scheduled appointment and he never even showed up. On top of that, he refuses to give me my deposit back – even though I met my part of the commitment and he did not. So now I am out the $500 USD deposit, another $450 USD in travel costs (plus 2-days in the airport) and have absolutley nothing to show for it. For avoidance of doubt, please feel free to read all of the details of what happened to me here make up your own mind: Please seriously reconsider doing business with this guy and his shop. It may cost you a lot of money and stress!

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