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Kitchen Design Studio Review

I contracted with this company for a kitchen remoodel in June (or early July?). They brought an installer over to do the rip out and install. Significant damage was done to my home: | 1. A large hole in the exterior wall. | 2. Damage to ceiling | 3. Trim removed and not replaced | 4. New floor damaged and not repaired, although I provided materials | The installer told me he would be fixing this stuff, but he never returned and refused to answer calls and text messages. | The company tried to tell me the installation was my problem because when they asked me to make a check out to the installer I complied. They are pretending that I hired the installer, which is BS because they brought him over. They hired him and had me write the check. I never heard of the gut before. I chose a company with a physical location because I thought they could be relied upon to stand behind their work; so I’m naive. | They refuse to stand behind the work and months after contracting for the work my kitchen is a mess and lookcs like a construction zone. It will be December in a few days! They hung up on me the last time I called. I have been consistently polite, although it would be understandable if I had not been! | As an aside, the installer kept telling me I was “hot” and talked at great length about his chronically unfaithful wife and her ongoing extramarital affairs. Maybe irrelevant, maybe not, but definitely inappropriate. | If you want your home to look like a construction site with unfinished work, this is the company for you. If you want a finished kitchen, look elsewhere!

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