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I am 65 years old and had been laid off from a position I held for 15 years, due to resourcing of my job. I was desparate to find income and found a job posting advertisements on the internet. Once I had signed up, I received a message to contact a phone number before starting. | This call had nothing to do with the job I had been interested in. It was from Kreative offering to design a web site for E-commerce and training that would make me an “internet sales expert.” Apparently they checked and discovered I had good credit. They encouraged me to charge everything to my credit cards and that I should make enough money from my web site in 6 months to pay all this money off, using balance transfers with 0% interest. | Normally I don’t fall for scams, especially when it involves a lot of money. At this point, I was vulnerable, and the sales people were very, very persuasive. They require you to act fast and accept the offer and charge your credit card, all done very quickly. | I panicked and cancelled during the next 24 hours. I received a phone call, again from a very persuasive individual, who even brought Jesus into the conversation. | My web site has been active for over 1 year, and I have not made a dime–not 1 cent! When I have asked for help, I have gotten calls from different individuals telling me I need to do this and that. The web site has never worked accurately, and I have spent hours upon hours trying to correct it (even though I paid these people a lot of money to do this for me). I was never able to keep up with inventory and sales because I was always trying to get the web site to look like it was supposed to look. | Finally, I was afraid someone would try to buy something, and it would not be available from the wholesaler. I was also getting some nasty emails from people who had visited the web site and apparently had problems. So at this point, I have deleted everything. Now I am not sure what to do. | I was initially offered a “package,” for a hefty price, which I was told later did not have all the bells and whistles I would need to be successful. I felt I had no choice but to upgrade to yet another package, which cost more money. I now have a credit card debt of over $20,000, charges from Kreative. | As for the training, they offer videos and articles to read. If you call and have a question, they will respond promptly and offer assistance. The contract says if you are not happy with the web site, they will build another one. I have expressed concerns a number of times, but each time I have just been told to try something else or it is because I need to do something. The contract also states that any litigation has to take place in Washington. | I am sure everthing they have done is legal. They have crossed Ts and dotted Is, I am sure. I certainly think what they have done is unethical. I have no income and have $20,000 in credit card debt. Before Kreative, I was totally debtfree. I have had to dip into my retirement just to make payments. | I am just waiting for Kreative to tell me that I owe more money for something.

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