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Lancaster Puppies Review

I am a part time dog breeder toy breeds and we have a very small state licensed kennel. We are not Amish, our pups are not in a barn. They are in our home. In my kitchen to be exact. raised here in and around our family. There are good breeders on this site. The reason why you can’t find a lot of us is because this site is extremely difficult to work with, it works well for the Amish but not other types of dog breeders . | 1. They charge waaaay too much. instead of paying to just post your entire litter or whatever puppies you have and paying like a monthly fee or weekly fee. They charge $15 per puppy. Per puppy… Insane. | 2. They delete your ads | 3. Did I say they charge too much ???? Yep I did they and they dooooo. | 4. they have a ton of rules that don’t even revolve around good breeding routines, but more so… Their money, ads and postings. Literally it’s a complete rip-off. what they need to do is make some more rules for the dog breeders themselves. Instead of ad rules. | 5. They insist that you post your entire litter with them. What? How about we post whatever pups we want and don’t want…. it’s none of your business whether we post one puppy from a litter or whether we post the entire litter. | 6. Don’t post your whole litter. You won’t sell it on there. While we were capable of selling a couple puppies on there, definitely not an entire litter. For one…. site has way too many dog breeders and puppies. So it makes it hard on anyone advertising on their site. | It’s really annoying when we work super super hard on our puppies and parents & and some Amish puppy mill is selling toy breeds for $700. No quality dog breeder can sell puppies for $700, they are cutting corners to do so. A quality dog breeder needs to be able to collect at least $1,000 for a puppy. | You can tell when it’s an Amish puppy mill. It will always say no Sunday calls. No Sunday visits. Real dog breeders that work full-time jobs mon-fri are usually available on Sundays. | Here’s a word of advice for all puppy shoppers. Don’t be a hypocrite. If you’re trying to buy a dog own a dog or adopt a dog then you have to appreciate dog breeders or you shouldn’t own a dog at all. Next…. Try being polite use the words please and thank you. Nobody wants to sell a rude person their precious puppy. if you find a dog breeder that’s interested in your life, your routine, whether you have kids or not, whether you rent to own, this is a good dog breeder. If a dog breeder doesn’t ask you any questions whatsoever, beware they don’t care.

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