I have been a victim of being scammed by lfg boutique | 27 April 2015 I had purchased a product from your company online which was the TH Inspired V-Cut Bikini/Fashion Wear Set | S(Red) $54.99. A payment had been received and £57.10 was withdrawn from my bank. | I had been in contact with a member of their team | on the following dates | (27/04/15)- I had a email to confirm my order had been received. | (12/5/15)- I had asked for a tracking number to be provided and asked when I would receive the item | A member of the lfg team responded claiming they will check the post office and to expect my item in 15days | (20/05/15)I sent a follow up message explaining how I was patiently waiting for my items and had yet to receive the tracking information. A response was made by a member of lfg team saying they will update my order in their next email. | (28/05/15) (08/06/15) (22/06/15) I no longer had a member of staff to communicate with as I had been receiving automated messages saying ” thank you for shopping with LaFlossy Glam boutique!” and shipping would take 2-14 business days. | After receiving 5 automated responses and clicking your website link www.laflossyglam.bigcartel.com is closed I had been made clear I had been scammed by this company as it is 4/12/15 and I have not received my goods or bed. Refunded I am extremely upset. This has really pissed me of now I have to make enquiries about the misfortune of purchasing from this company with my bank. | If you click the link to the original site you will see it is closed http://laflossyglam.bigcartel.com/ | However they have another website currently running http://www.goshoplfg.com/

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