Litchin Review

I contacted this company through their customer service and the legal email address. I email them many times. I order three pairs of pants, I received this pants all in the same size, I tried them on and they were not true to size, not one of the three pants measure the correct size. | After waiting close to 30 days to get this pants. The first response was to send them a picture of the pants and I did. It. Took several resend to get this to go through to their customer service email. Through server all email between the customer service department and the legal whose billing email. | At one point they said they would refund me my money and I would have to pay for the return postage. I waited and never heard were to return them so I email again and again finally I was told to just keep them as the return postage I would have to pay would be high and they said the return of the non-quality problem, we do not bear the return cost.

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