Little Tummy Tucker

Little Tummy Tucker Review

I found this online clothing store Littletummytucker and it has the website address ending with .au, so I thought it was an Australian online store and would be safe to order from. | The whole process from the beginning was suspect with the transaction from my VISA card in a local currency via AUD into USD, so the exchange rate was very high. I requested to change transaction credit card and use a different currency, but after a few days of no response they replied I would have to pay a 20% refund fee which is NOT dosplayed on their site. | Give that i believed they would take money from my CC, I asked then to proceed with the order. | When I recieved the order, the package was very light for the contents I ordered and I was immediatley suspect. Opening the package revealed the shock of a completely incorrect order, all items another brand. | I contacted the online store and told them what happen and just got the automatic response of we will look into this issue. | I smell a rat…. so i immediately contact my bank to report this transaction and they asked ne to send all the corresponding emails to pursue this company and get my money back… still in process. | Before you buy anything online, ask who is the bank that will handle the transaction and read over all the terms and conditions. If anyhting looks wrong or too good to be true, AVOID. | Also there should be some reviews or comments about the site and do some research. | I would be useful to contact the site first and ask a few simple questions so you can get a feel for the comapny, ask if you can call them directly or ask for any referrals from past customers. | Check the return email address to see that it has a company address rather than a generic addrees. | Avoid Littletummytucker they are a scam!!!! | | I hope I can stop anyone else going through what I have.

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