Littledale Hall Therapeutic Community [LHTC]

Littledale Hall Therapeutic Community [LHTC] Review

This rehab centre has set up a profitable business in an old property just beyond our villages – Caton / Brookhouse. Each day drug/alcohol addicts are mini-bussed down to the village chemist for their prescription drugs &/or dropped off/picked up when allowed to take the bus into Lancaster shopping. Often groups of residential rehab clients are seen walking the route back up through the village to the centre; no mini bus to pick them up. All of these clients come from outside the Lancaster district. Evidently when they finish their 6 month residential treatment they have to say – in local accommodation – for another 12months+ in order to qualify for their social security benefits. All sounds really good in theory UNTIL – rehab clients started to be re-housed in the local village. One female, almost immediately upon discharge, was drinking etc again. She was housed in a conservation area 230 yr old cottage in the heart of the local village, within 50 yards of the village primary school. Concerns were raised – especially when her re-hab buddies started to use the house as a “drop-in”, doss-house. Nothing was done. Littledale Hall admin did not even respond to email concerns! lLetting agents called elderly neighbours – those who have lived here for 30/40/50 years – discriminatory / on a witch hunt / lacking compassion / etc. It was of NO concern either to (I) Littledale Hall or (ii) Letting Agents – Entwistle Green – that local people felt intimidated, frightened by certain behaviours, fearful of leaving their properties for any length of time, and etc. We have now moved into the 2nd generation of Littledale hall clients occupying the property. How? it”s a mystery. This property was designated for “professional” employed persons, no pets. The owner lives abroad – the property is managed through Entwistle Green. To date all these Littledale Hall non-residential clients are – obviously – unemployed / on social benefits / known addicts / all have dogs! And, yes – there is a clear / undeniable connection between the tenants of this property & Littledale Hall, whatever Littledale hall / Entwistle Green may claim. The Littledale Hall mini-bus has even been seen / photographed parked outside the village property with Littledale hall official/clients visiting the tenants. The local villages – Caton/Brookhouse – are far too close to this money-spinning rehab facility to be housing their clients when they leave residential care. They should know this; it is inappropriate practice. These clients know no-one else in this area, they mix & match on the leaving residential care amongst others who have been through the process. In knowing this – appreciating the reality of the addicts life after residential care, Littledale hall should appreciate that: they are responsible for putting our village / community on the “map”! They have no concern for the concerns of local people; many elderly, many frail, many very young children, many who are simply intimidated by this influx/through-passage of “addicts”; and I say “addicts” since it is well-accepted, 12 steps etc, that once an “addict” always an “addict”, this is not a condition that can be so-called cured, rather it is to be “managed” … but, as Littledale Hall should appreciate if a genuinely therapeutic / caring community, not at the expense of so many others well-being, safety and sense of security and peace in their own homes.

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  1. Bernie Arvez
    June 16, 2020

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