I have ordered a pair of brand, prestigious shoes and received a cheap 2 shoes, completely different style. | The email conversation kept dragging on for months, they said they will investigate, will report to their manager, then they were on holidays. Then advised apparently my order was sent to someone else (initially I tried to believe it but read further). | In the meantime I checked on this company online by using their email address [email& 160;protected] and found numerous people reporting them as scammers. They did the exact thing to everyone else, same scenario. | Then they advised me to keep the shoes as the shipping back would be expensive. I told them I wouldn’t pay for a shipping as it was their mistake and they need to pay for it. No answer to that. I asked for a refund as at that point I knew they were fraudulent company but they refused. | The email conversation keeps going but they are giving elusive replies which doesn’t lead anywhere. | At this point I don’t know where their physical address is but I will find out. Going to fight my money! People need to be aware.

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