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Report Filed: Matthew Steakley Matt SteakleyAutomobiles Holdings & Acquisitions IncAutomobiles Holdings and Acquisitions Inc. STOLE CON-MAN THIEF THEFT BY DECEPTION Chamblee Georgia!!

Matthew Steakley is a thief and a con-artist. Matthew Steakley STOLE $195,000 from me on March 1, 2017. I wired him the money for a car and never ever received the car or my $195,000 back. I had to sue him in court and will likely never get my money back. I have since been in contact with many others that Matthew Steakley has stolen money from and as of today (October 22, 2017) there are 4 outstanding FELONY ARREST WARRANTS out on Matthew Steakley from the Chamblee Georgia Police Department. If you have been conned or stolen from as well please contact Police Investigator John Freeman at [email protected] Investigator Freeman’s phone number is: 470-395-2431.

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