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So my checking account was in the red with 9.80 cents I managed to keep it under the 10.00. I receive 750.00 diredt deposit from my disability SSI so I had a loan company who also gave me wrong information was told that if I had insufficient funds they wouldn”t run any payments, . My problem is they did for 87.00 which now put me way over my insufficient funds once I realized this I panicked because I don”t get my SSI until the 1st and my overdraft fees would be almost 300.00 when I get 750.00 and have no other funds coming to me, so I ran and borrowed 120 and put it in only to find out MB STILK CHARGED ME a 36.00 overdraft fee. Why in the hell was my account not PROTECTED and decline any transactions? So not only did the loan company steal money that the shouldn”t and MB also stole my money. If someone is already in the red nothing should go through, and the fact that this isn”t MB account and how do they have a right to allow this to happen, someone is already in the red clearly is struggling so why not take the disabled person from a government direct deposit . I am as soon as I can closing this account and going to a bank which I explained what MB did and this bank said that us wrong and will not do that, they would never let transactions go through on insufficient funds, . I am also contacting a lawyer because this has put me in a serious bind and now set me back nearly 2 months now, . But I will be closing the account so they can”t steal and not protect me.

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  1. Renata Pinks
    June 17, 2020

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