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This company is run by greedy ###! They make extra money by putting obstacles in front of patients and their doctors who are just trying to get needed prescriptions filled. Every day that Medco doesn”t fill a prescription is more money in their pockets. I”m currently trying to get my Celebrex prescription filled by Medco. I”ve been taking the stuff for years. Each year I get a new prescription from my doctor and send it in. Celebrex is expensive, so Medco stalls and sends my doctor an authorization form asking if I REALLY need this stuff when aspirin works great. My doctor faxes the form back after checking the boxes that say yes I REALLY need it. Time goes by. Usually, after just this hoop, Medco fills my prescription, and tells me how wonderful and responsive they are. This time, Medco is putting a few extra hoops for me and my doctor to jump through. My doctor is busy and doesn”t need this crap. I just want my Celebrex. I never had any trouble when my insurance was with Caremark. I”ve had nothing but trouble from Medco. BEWARE!!

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  1. Kelley Hutton
    June 13, 2020
  2. Ila Kirkling
    June 13, 2020

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