Michigan Spray Foam

Michigan Spray Foam Complaint

Buyer beware: This report is to warn any potential grand rapids, michigan area foam insulation customers that michigan spray foam llc is a dishonest contractor. Michigan spray foam llc entered into an agreement with an outside salesman to act as its sub-contractor and agreed to pay the salesman a commission for each job that he sold for michigan spray foam llc. Without notice, michigan spray foam llc has decided to stop paying its salesman for jobs which he sold for michigan spray foam llc. The salesman has attempted to reach the owner via email, text-message, and usps mail, but michigan spray foam llc has ignored the salesman’s Communications. The salesman is now in the process of filing liens against the properties which he hasn’t been paid his earned commissions. Michigan spray foam llc has also attempted to circumvent the contracted salesman by contacting a number of the salesman’s customers to try to cut the salesman out of the transactions. If you are considering having michigan spray foam llc do any work on your home, barn, or business, you should be aware that the company has established a pattern of not paying its obligations to its sub-contractors, and / or suppliers and / or vendors, and consequently you may end up having liens filed against your property. Those liens will only be removed once either you, or michigan spray foam llc, satisfies the liens by paying the sub-contractors, and/or suppliers, and/or vendors. We will be posting more information about will matzen and michigan spray foam llc as more information becomes available. Buyer beware.

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