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Several years ago I signed up for several fax services as I was looking for a job and needed the service. Myfax, as well as the others were cancelled as soon as I was hired somewhere. Upon looking at debit card charges, I noticed that myfax was still charging me a monthly fee. When I called the number given on my statement, I ended up talking with a “Chris” in customer service in Otowa, Canada. I explained that I should not have been charged as I cancelled several years ago online and have not used the service since it was cancelled. He asked for a confirmation number of the cancellation which I could not furnish as I no longer have email from 2 years ago. He said that he could not refund previous charges.This company, ladies and gentlemen, is just dishonest. I should be able to get a refund for services not wanted, received, or used, but Chris stated in that in the terms and conditions that refunds are not given. My advise to everyone is, DON”T SIGN UP FOR THIS SERVICE TO BEGIN WITH BECAUSE YOU ARE BILLED INDEFINITELY even if you cancel. If you cancel, do so over the phone. If you must fax, get a card for about 15 bucks and use it instead.

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  1. Valeri Doering
    June 17, 2020
  2. Sonja Alcantara
    June 17, 2020

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