I join in Company called MyItWorks! They promised me 4 Wraps later I will be Skinny Bone. I wanted get rid of my Belly Fats because It make me depression that I’m ugly. People tease my body too much. So I join MyItWorks to be Distribution and hoping Wraps will work.

IT NEVER WORKED!!!!! I am still Fat. I eat Healthy, I drink only Water and lots. Still my Belly never go away!!!!! So I now know I been RIP OFF!!!!! I’m full Deaf so I use sign language.

I paid 76.00 for join MyItWorks and Wraps and Shipping cost totals. I also pay 20 per month for my website. Now my second month. Someone from MyItWorks company told me I cannot quit till end of 3 Months. Or they gonna take 50 dollars from me! I FEEL TRAPPED AND THREATING. Here their number. 1-(800) 537-2395 and my website. http://wrappermateo.myitworks…. and my account ID number is 6283674

I only can Text messages or Email due to my Deafness. I learn about this MyItWorks! things on the Internet. But I wanted you to help me by contact them to cancel my account without lose 50 dollars & I want ALL of my Money back to me please. I feel so RIP OFF. It make Deaf people like me feel worthless and used and taking advantages of me.

Please help me out with this.. I demand Pay me back and closed my account!. I don’t recommend them

  • #Mark Pentecost
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