After checking my statement credit card account, I found I was charged NTD 1, 290 by DRI*AVAST Softw Shannon Co. on 2018/04/20, then I was charged again about NTD 1, 290 by DRI*AVAST Softw Shannon on 2019/04/16. To be honesty, I did not complete the “Avast Internet Security” subscription process on 2018/4/20. I did not think I have subscripted it and I have no idea when and how this software protection was installed. No mentioned to use it properly. To be strange, a pop-up of Avast to inform me that the protection was overdue and I always choose to “take the risk” to ignore the warning because I have no idea I had purchased it. I did not agree any contract extension at all. I have found the authorization number as “TH7DMM-4289X2-5DO6FJ” on 2019/08/25, but it is curious that no any inform about the order success on 2018/04/20 and no any corresponding contract extension agreement from me on 2019/04/16. Why Avast could charge it. I even have no idea how to prevent the future charge and cancel this order. I do not think it is fair to me. Avast should not take the advantage of me. I would like to request the total charge (NTD 1, 290 * 2= NTD 2, 580) back and Avast could let me know how to uninstall the software. I have no idea how to show Avast my credit account, but Avast could charge the money from my account, it means that Avast could refund it. My credit card company is “The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank LTD.) Thanks.

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