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Store # 8, 86th Street Brooklyn N.Y. 11209. Order number 95. I entered the driver through on 4/24 at 2:55pm. Ahead of me there was another carrier with a large order. We waited for almost 15 minutes before their order was complete and I drove up. Once at the window, after providing my card, I asked kabira (per her manager) why didn”t she asked the car to pull over and bring the food once it”s ready, so 7 cars wouldn”t have to wait… Kabira said that “we don”t do that and I have to wait”, then she said “ugh” rolled her eyes at me and shut the window. I went in, spoke with the manager, cancelled my order. Her attitude was simply disgusting. I will never return to this store again.

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  1. Gregorio Rosca
    June 13, 2020

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