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So I purchased this 4 day 3 night hotel offer thinking that I would get a deal because they advertise only having to pay for fee which were 20-75.00 per night. Well I paid my 44.00. So I went to the website to redeem my offer and completed the form. It took more than a week for the company to respond. Then when they did it was only by email causing me to loose the first quote for the hotel which was way over what was advertised $462.00. Then by the time the representative (Ben) got back to me and I responded to him, the price had changed from 462. to 522.48. I couldn’t watch my email because of being at work and the representative wouldn’t contact me by phone. This went on for days. Finally my hotel reservation got booked, on the day that I was supposed to leave. I didn’t get confirmation until 6:30 pm that evening and check in time was 3:00 pm. I had to leave for my destination without confirmation and on the way I called the hotel itself because customer service representatives at nCrowd are very non-responsive. I emailed Ben twice in the morning and the headquarters days before. I even called them. No response. This was very stressful. I was desperate because it was my birthday weekend and i had to go to take my late husband’s ashes who was a retired Veteran. This was really important to me because was also exactly a month after his passing. They also advertised a free dinner or a grocery card. So I emailed the customer service Representative again and after waiting for a week for someone to help me I did it again. Well today someone responded and told me to go to this site and access my grocery card. To my surprise the site was to buy grocery coupons. Not to get free coupons but to buy them. WOW. unbelievable. Please whatever you do, do not purchase any vacations packages like this. It’s not worth you time and money. They are very deceptive and I could have gotten the same price without having to pay 44.00 for it.

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