New You Challenge and Sears Credit Card Co.

New You Challenge and Sears Credit Card Co. Review

Report Filed: New You Challenge and Sears Credit Card Co. Tricked me into buying their services Woodbury MN Minnesota!!

I saw a facebook ad back in May 2018 for this New You Challenge company, which turns out to be a third party purveyor of gym memberships and work out programs. They gave me a great song and dance and as far as I’m concerned, embezzeled $300 out of me for a program through one of their third party vendors, it was about 3 weeks later when I got to the gym they set me up with and at that gym, the owners wanted me to sign a contract that was so unholy and personally attacking and setting me up for ultimate failure along with my entire life, and everyone including family to be attached to any possible lawsuits, it was heinous ! They stand you in line to wait for 30 minutes at the gym, let you read a tiny paragraph or two up on a website on a huge screen in the gym, then you sign in, then later on in the evening you get another copy to sign, that momement I had a chance to actually read it and discover the insidiousness of the legal speak in it and from that moment forward when I saw just how damning it was, I refused to have anything to do with the company NEW YOU CHALLENGE or any of their vendors, my “do not trust”” factor shot through the roof. Stay away from this company and any affiliates they offer

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