Noah's Little Ark

Noah's Little Ark Review

There is another complaint about Noah’s Little Ark Havanese and I also thought it best to share my experience as well so people can make an informed decision regarding purchasing a puppy from Duane. The puppies are beautiful I give them that, but they do not breed quality dogs. Both my mother and I have had non stop health problems with our dogs and has cost us thousands of dollars because these dogs are part of our family. We love them to pieces. My mother’s dog has epilepsy (although not as bad as my dog) and recently had surgery on his leg because of weakness in the knee and hip area. It cost my mother over $1000.00 to have this surgery to repair his leg. My dog has a severe case of epilepsy. He is on phenobarbital 2 x a day now and I have to take him every 6 -12 year for blood work to ensure that his liver isn’t failing as a result of his medications. When he has seizures they are so bad he doesn’t come out of them on his own I literally have to take him to an emergency vet and it costs me about $300.00. It’s about $150.00 at my regular vet. If I don’t take him I run the risk of causing permanent brain damage as he will not come out of these seizures on his own. He also has knee’s issues his knee has a subluxation so I have to be very careful not to let him jump off the couch. I’m not even able to get coverage for pet insurance because they don’t cover congenital defects. I believe this gentleman is a high class puppy mill. He has several females breeding and when they get too old to breed he sells them. Does that sound like a person who is really committed to his dogs if he sells them when they are no good to him any longer. Why not let them retire where they’ve always known, Duane? The health guarantee doesn’t protect you because many of the issues don’t show up until the dog ages. They are not trained or socialized like he said. He delivers the pups but he pretty much starves them and gives them just a little water. My dog showed up with hypoglycemia- I should have gave him back then but I was smitten with him. Also, we didn’t receive any paperwork from Duane. My Havanese from Duane was nothing like the Havanaese (in temperment or size) that I purchased from a reputable breeder in Florida. All dogs need a good home and maybe you will get lucky buying from Duane, but I wanted to share so you could be prepared for what lies ahead should you purchase a puppy with health problems.

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