NZ Wheels - Mercedes-Benz

NZ Wheels - Mercedes-Benz Review

We bought a Mercedes Benz ( new ) car from the company in Kuantan Pahang branch in Malaysia. The manager of the company for very weird reason sold us a repainted car. Not very sure what is the reason but they gave us a car which is originally silver and painted black. We were not told that the car was repainted and we just knew about it 6 months later when the paint chipped off and when we saw the car title that was sent to us few months later, it’s silver was crossed off and hand written as black. We had made several complaints and meeting with the main branch company in Kuala Lumpur and they will only compensate us with free service. The manager of the branch even told me during the meeting that is is ” very common of our practice to repaint it if and sell it if we need to”. Very dishonest company and the manager has been totally irresponsible.

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